We all are together in this COVID-19 crisis.

Regruit understands the grave concerns COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it. Keeping in view the physical, emotional, and economic impact of it, we are taking three major steps:

Free training videos on safety precautions and related information on COVID-19

Regruit is providing free access to training videos on precautions to be taken to safeguard against coronavirus. These *experts only* videos will help your employees know how to keep themselves safe in the wake of the pandemic.

We understand there are employees like homecare givers, who have to be present at their line of duties.

Free one-month subscriptions to Regruit Apps

These are truly challenging times and to help businesses keep up, we are providing free one-month access to Regruit’s employer and employee apps. We hope you’ll be able to better manage your workforce with our built-in features that support remote working.

All the features will remain available to you for one month free of cost.

Dynamic attendance system to replace biometric attendance

Biometric attendance systems have been suspended in almost all major countries of the world due to the fear of cross-contamination. To make it easy for employees to mark their attendance and for employers to track their workforce, we are providing Regruit’s attendance system.

Your employees can mark their attendance using Regruit’s employee app. Its geolocation tagging feature will let the employer know the live location of their employee during the working hours.

May the curve flatten soon.