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Short description: is a digital platform for recruiting, upskilling and retaining credentialed workforce.

Boilerplate: is a cloud based, mobile first digital platform for recruiting, paying, training and retaining employees who need licenses or credentials for doing their jobs. Harnessing real-time data and advanced analytics , empowers business owners and administrators to integrate all their HR functions within one platform that creates a great employee experience leading to productivity improvement and retention. is transforming HR functions for high-growth business in senior care, personal care and child care and others.

Founded in 2018, is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with a team in North America, and Asia.

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One System. One Platform. One Solution

“An integrated system to replace the multitudes of platforms eating into your time and energy.”​
Regruit is a unique system specially designed to help new-age startups, individuals, and SMEs streamline the entire recruitment, talent management, and retention process. With Regruit, you no longer need to look further!
Do you constantly buy subscriptions for individual platforms to:
  • Post jobs and boost them
  • Track applications and assist in onboarding
  • Manage talent with award points
  • Create Payroll, manage perks, and tax details
  • Geolocation tagging for employees
  • Attendance management
  • Foster virtual communication through chat platform
It is time you bid goodbye to the exhausting multi-platforms as Regruit can do all of this AND MORE!

Regruit helps build you a thoroughly knit and extremely manageable workforce. We understand every problem you undergo and have solutions literally served on you...

Regruit is all the more special for it intuitively understands the problems owners of businesses employing deskless. mobile employees (W2) or contractors (1099) face. If you are running an on-demand service-based business or have employees from around the world for whom English is not their first language, the global, multi-lingual Regruit is the ultimate tool to save your time, money, and energy.

Workforce Growth Platform

With Regruit you can:

Attract and Hire Best Applicants

Attracting and hiring the right workforce is all the easier with Regruit. We assist in each step, from boosting job ads to tracking applications. We have partnered with hiring platforms like Job Target to promote your job posts on more than 20,000 job boards. Conduct background checks with our built-in integrations with Evident ID. Business owners in senior care industry using RelyFy platform can export their payroll files and hiring needs with our industry first 1 click integration.

Improve Employee Performance with Retention

Regruit trains employees on the employer’s behalf and stresses on upgrading their skills. We help provide industry vertical specific training to on-demand, deskless, mobile workers. With improved performance and better results, we help firms retain good employees. The recognition point system helps identify talented workers.

Connect with your preferred payroll Provider

Regruit partners with Payroll services like iSolved, Kyck Global, ADP, Infiniti, Sage, Paylocity, and Heartland. We help you provide additional perks to the employees like subsidized insurance via Stride Health and access to GoodRx for medication price comparison.

Regruit- Because your business deserves the best!

If retention has ever been your worry, pass it
onto Regruit.
Our built-in recognition system awards star points for every job well done. Your employees deserve to know their good work is being appreciated and cherished!
If your employees are non-native English speakers, Regruit eases communication for you.
Regruit’s built-in multi-lingual communication tools facilitate better communication between employees/applicants and recruiters.

With Regruit, better times ahead for employers and employees


Executive Team

The executive management team at Regruit is comprised of :

Marc Benioff

Chairman & Co-CEO

Marc Benioff

Chairman & Co-CEO

Marc Benioff

Chairman & Co-CEO

Marc Benioff

Chairman & Co-CEO

Regruit- Because your business deserves the best!


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