Because HR apps should
simplify life…
not complicate it!

Start growing your talent pool today!

Regruit is designed to meet demands of business owners with mobile, desk-less employees.

As a global company ourselves, we understand unique challenges faced by mobile employees and contract workforce from both employer and employee perspectives. Regruit is a people-focused Workforce Growth Platform with one sole aim to streamline employee recruitment, management, and retention processes. Our platform offers apps for both employers and employees, ensuring the interests of both parties are well-preserved.

Do you run a business where knowing your employee’s live location is critical?

Regruit sorts this out with geo-location tagging in-built with our app meant for employees.

Do you find yourself running out of breath, trying to keep up with various subscriptions, all at once?

It is time to declutter- your mind, inbox, and business- with Regruit. One platform that replaces ALL!

Get subscribed to Regruit because we offer:

  • One platform to meet all your needs. Hire employees, maintain attendance, calculate payroll, know the live location, train workers, offer perks like subsidized health insurance, multi-language communication tools- all made possible with one system.
  • A highly intuitive reward point system to help you appreciate your star employees. Regruit is the only platform that allows mobile employees to gain recognition for their everyday good work.
  • Optimize internal communications through secure instant messaging with multi-lingual capabilities and built-in survey administration.

Regruit is the one digital platform that helps employers hire, train and pay their workforce while improving collaboration and recognition.